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공지 Notice Hi, Everyone! file 치우 2009.07.27 1890 50
15 Media [NEWS] A Great News about Hangul !!! file 치우 2009.08.07 1040 52
14 Grammar [Class #8] About the Postpositions From last class's words, I would like to focus on the word of "하다" "하다" is "do" in Korean. But "하다" is much more important than "do" in English.... 치우 2009.07.29 1145 37
13 Words [Class #10] The Basic Verbs #2 Let's talk about 하다 little more. As I told you yesterday, 하다 goes with lots of nouns then becomes another verbs. Here are the nouns that go with ... 치우 2009.07.29 993 36
12 Words [Class #9] The Basic Verbs. This time I will tell you some Korean Words like verbs and nouns Definition original Past Present Future Let's 1 do 하다 했다 한다 할것이다 하자 2 go ... 치우 2009.07.29 1089 34
11 Words [Class #7] The Personal Pronouns. Hey guys~ Today I would like to tell you about the personal pronouns. Definition original plural possessive Respecful / possessive I 나 우리 나의, 내 ... 치우 2009.07.29 1071 34
10 Numbers [Class #6] Let's learn the numbers! Hi everyone, Today, let's learn about numbers. We use two kind numbers in Korea. I mean we have two kinds of pronunciations One is Korean Style, and th... 치우 2009.07.29 1125 42
9 Numbers [Class #5] The Korean Number Song! ^^ Hi there, This is a flash animation of Korean Numbers. In Korea, we use two kind numbers. I mean we have two kinds of pronunciations. One is Korean St... 치우 2009.07.29 1059 76
8 The Alphabets [Class #3] Let's learn Hangul(한글) - Korean Alphabets Hangul(한글) - Korean Alphabets This time let's learn about Hangul(한글) - Korean Alphabets If you want to learn Korean you have to know Hangul first. ... 치우 2009.07.27 5189 44
7 Media [Class #2] Let's take a look Korean Alphabets! [Class#2] Hi everyone! This is second Class and let's take look Korean Alphabets- Hangul(한글). There is a pen cursor and you can move that to a text ... 치우 2009.07.27 1188 82
6 Media [Class #1] Let's start the class with a Song ! [Class#1] Hi everyone! Today is the first Class of Cheewoo's Korean Class. and I would like to start my class with a song that makes you smile. The ti... 2 치우 2009.07.27 3240 44
5 The Alphabets [Class #4] The Story of Hangul(한글이야기) Han-gul(한글) "The World's Best Writing System" - by Cheewoo Kim - 1. What is 'Han-gul'? Han-gul is the name of Korean alphabets. It is only one alphab... 치우 2009.07.26 19410 38
4 Cheewoo Cheewoo's Best Friends ♥Cheewoo's Good Bye Photo with Best Friends on Jan 12, 2001 Cheewoo 2008.06.23 1653 90
3 Cheewoo The Photo Documentary of Cheewoo [1974-1996] Cheewoo's Photo Documentary October 1974. One Year and Seven Months Old(The Oldest Picture of Me.) Mom, Sister Hosun(Right), Brother DJ(Left), Cheewoo... Cheewoo 2008.06.23 1520 114
2 Cheewoo Crazy Cheewoo's 100 Questions & 100 Answers Crazy Cheewoo's 100Q & 100A Edited on April 3, 2012 0. Sex : Prince...*^^* 1. Name / Nick Name : Cheewoo Kim(김치우), Ho Jung Kim(김호중) / 사과나... Cheewoo 2008.06.23 1475 72
1 Cheewoo Who is Cheewoo? ♥Who is Cheewoo? Name : Cheewoo Kim / Ho Jung Kim DOB : March 11, 1973 in 19th century Height : 5' 10"(178Cm) Weight : 135lb(61Kg) - A very crzay Vega... Cheewoo 2008.06.23 1448 104
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